A New Goobertech

October 5th, 2006 - 4:35pm by Slye Fox

Wow - Goobertech's a little different, huh? In light of a lot of things, I've decided to go a bit of a different direction here. The ol' yellow was getting a bit old. And I've always likes the idea of creating a look that's a little more bohemian and roots oriented. Let's try this for a while.

In addition, this site is running the newer 4.7.3 version of Drupal and the latest rev of the gallery2 engine. It's much nicer for all kinds of reasons, believe me. I've been working behind the scenes trying to catch this site up with the status of the old as they exist in tandem, but it's slow going. I'm transfering data and entries manually in order to re-organize, re-format and re-do a lot of things. It'll take a while, but in the long run, I'll be better off and the site will be yet easier to update and maintain. (Yeah - we've heard that before.)

So far, the Dvd collection is the only things up to date, but the Photo Gallery and Blog aren't too far behind. As I find spare moments, I'm re-uploading these areas. If you remember something that was there that isn't now, be patient - it'll reappear. I'm also resurrecting the old original blog posts from the goobertech of yore. I'm pretty much moving from back to front, so we get to revisit those old entries from a few years ago as they're posted again.

Also - many of you will have to re-join the site. I've chosen to redo the whole login/profile section, so new and more info is required. If your still interested, rejoin and let the fun begin.