Putting css over my knee once again.

September 22nd, 2005 - 6:44pm by Slye Fox

I've touted about this before (spouting my mastery of css, that is), but this time, me thinks, css is firmly in hand.

Notice if you will that this new goober-layout has no tables. :) :-) AND - looks the same in both evil explorer and firefox. Please people, again, quit using explorer. It sucks and it doesn't follow the rules. Go download firefox right now. But, being as understanding as I can stand to be, I realize that much of the world is yet unenlightened. (Just look at all those who voted for our current regime.) Anyway - right click and view the source. No tables!

The trick was understanding floats and how to clear them, then stacking the div's appropriately in the page code. There's lots of tutorials out there and places to copy and learn these things for yourself. It's just that some mental block finally leased its hold of me and something fell into place. So - I'll be striving to use css as my layout tool from now on. We'll see how the challenges go.