The Gold Tones

September 22nd, 2005 - 10:35pm by Slye Fox

You heard it here first!

The Gold Tones is the dream child of good friend, Eric Ferris, and is soon to become a new sensation at U of M sporting events. After hearing Joy sing one night at the Burg, he promoted his idea of having a gopher affiliated band whose focus would be quality jazz/blues music that people can identify with the university and help recreate a collegiate affinity with the U. This vision is the Gold Tones and is now fast becoming a reality. Joy enlisted a few old music chums to join the gang and now Joy, Eric, Tilden, Bruce, Jason and Ken are the sound and soul that make the Gold Tones come alive.

Their break-out performance will be a private party on Sept. 1st for the Gopher's first football game away at Kansas City. Then the Gold Tones are scheduled to perform a pre-game show in front of the dome and during halftime for the upcoming Gopher's football home-games. If you're planning on going to a game, make sure to keep your ears peeled and swing on by to say hello. Otherwise, plan on attending a game just to see everyone doing their thing on stage. Much more than just singing standards, the Gold Tones have taken popular tunes that everyone knows and "gopher-ized" them. You don't want to miss it.

And oh yeah - I made their logo. It's pretty exciting to see the birth of such a great concept and see it come to fruition. Thanks for all the hard work, Eric.

Go Gophers!

September 22, 2005 - 10:40pm
Slye Fox says:

The Gold Tones were a smash hit last Saturday for the first Gopher homegame. Check out the new pics...

The Gold Tones