Polish Idol

October 27th, 2005 - 10:20am by Slye Fox

As many know, Nye's has been my old haunt for years. Indeed, the place has done me quite well. It has introduced me to my voice and opened up a whole new world of music with Lou, Ward and Jon de Vaal behind the piano. And not to mention all of the people that have I've met while crooning old Sinatra tunes or the occasional Elvis. Absolutely the place will always have a warm spot in my nostalgia. A place where you can sit by yourself, enjoy an evening and not feel like an outcast for being there alone.

Most of my friends are part of the old "Nye's" group that were regulars at the piano bar various nights of the week. I even met Joy there one night well over a year ago. By then, I knew everybody and everyone knew me. It was like walking into my home away from home (just a little more expensive.) But then the management decided that they'd rather have someone else play weeknights instead of now good friend, Jon . What a shame. No one else graced the keys with such talent and ability as Jon did - not even close. Not only that, but most of us really went to Nye's to hang out with Jon and each other. It was our thing. So with Jon gone, many of us followed suit. Now Nye's on a weeknight is different vibe. They've got new piano players and they're fun and good at what they do, but the old crowd is gone and it's not quite the same.

Jon now plays at Marysburg on Thursdays and Sundays, as well as the Hanger. And if you show up for any of those, you already know that most of that old group have followed Jon to his new gigs. You'll find the same old crowd singing the same old songs and having fun together in these new venues. It's really wonderful that Teri has the oppurtunity and generosity to make it happen for Jon and the rest of us.

So what's this little trip down memory lane all about, you might ask. Well - it's just my chance to reminisce and recall what a great place Nye's still is, despite some (in my opinion) bad decisions made a while ago. Joy and I have been stopping by Nye's every now and then to catch up with some friends that still haunt there and see what's new, and the last time we went, they had this "Polish Idol" contest in the works. So what the hell, why not right? There weren't many people there that Thursday and we sang our favorites. Her's being "Stormy Monday" and mine that old crowd pleaser, "Sweet Caroline". And in a couple of days, we both got calls to ask us to show up for the finals. :) Cool! Since it's sponsored by absolut, we figure there might at least be a free bottle of vodka in the deal.

So - tonight's the night. It's short notice, but if you're reading this and free, stop by and cheer us on. (We get more points for crowd participation.) ;) With a voice like Joy's, I'd say the deal's in the bag for her. But the irony now is, we've both come down with bird flu from our recent trip to Connecticut to visit the wee ones. (That'd be Joy's cutest niece and nephew.) Being sick is a small price to pay for getting to hang out with such adorable kids for a few days, but now we've got this 2 week plague that's been going around. I lost my voice completely yesterday. It certainly will make this evening's contest more of a challenge for the two of us. My game plan is lots of cough drops and dayquil and hoping that my pipes clear up long enough to belt one or two decent songs out. We'll see.

Anyway - wish us luck. We'll be doing our best regardless of the nasty virus that's taken up residence in our sinuses.

October 28, 2005 - 12:59am
Slye Fox says:

JOY WON!!!!!!!!!

And how cool. Of course that Diva of soul and the most marvelous, incredible voice I've ever heard came away with first place. With her cold, regardless. (I got a T-shirt, thanks for playing.) Anyway, Joy got a $500 travel voucher with Sun Country. Free trip, free trip. Congrats, Joy.