Holey Cows! Look at me, making an actual blog entry.

November 4th, 2005 - 8:12pm by Slye Fox

Yeah, yeah. I've been very negligent on this whole blog business, but you all don't see the "behind the scenes" work that's been going on. In addition to my site, other goober-sites on my server are in the process of being created or recreated in drupal and gallery2. Since these other sites have vastly different goals in mind, it forces me to explore the limits of what drupal can do for me. So far so good. The ease of custom-ability and user interface is so well designed that I'm definitely drupal's newest biggest fan.

Meanwhile, back at home, I've been busy redoing the pages (nodes) for each of the DVD's in my collection. It used to be that I had Ant's Movie Catalog creating the database that automatically updated my site. Now -- since I want each DVD page to be a custom node in drupal, I have to enter each one independently. I'll get there soon enough and then the latest DVD's that I add weekly will be on the list.

Also, the weblinks and the photo albums are also in need of updates. It's just a matter of entering content, but that also means I have to have the time to do it. It'll get there. Please be patient.

I've also been striving to create a "complete" drupal with custom modules and basic configured database that I can simply upload on a whim and create a new site easily. I had that with PhpNuke, aka. GooberNuke, but as prior posts make clear, I'm moving on. I'm almost there, me thinks. I continually find newer better modules that help me integrate the various flexibility I want my sites to have. It took me two days to make this site, so I think I'm getting close. My new css knowledge and power really helps here, too, in creating a multi-browser compatible, fast-loading site. Anyway...

For those of you whom are waiting oh so patiently for me to finish or rebuild your site - please keep in mind that progress is actually being made as I'm becoming more and more familiar with this new drupal system. I'm close to the point where I can simply upload your site and turn it on in hours so that you can start adding content. Not quite there yet, but oh so very very close.