Live! From my living room.

November 29th, 2005 - 9:13pm by Slye Fox

Guess what's happening in my living room right now?

Joy's big night is coming up in a couple of days, so they're having a final practice session. It's pretty darn cool to be sitting in on it tonight. These guys are awesome. The way Scott has helped Joy arrange her songs has turned out way better than expected. Don't miss the show. It's at the Star Central this Thursday at 9. Maybe you've seen the ad in this weeks citypages. ;)

Joy will be performing her original work for the first time. She's worked hard at bringing these songs to the public ear and it's taken a couple of different paths to get there. And the result has been worth the effort and the wait. Soon, she'll be putting these tracks down in the recording studio. So check back with her site for details soon.

And of course -- there'll be pictures from the performance.

December 1, 2005 - 7:29pm
Slye Fox says:

Out the door we go. Show starts at 9 and we want to be there by 7 to setup Joy's band. Updates upon return!

December 2, 2005 - 1:51am
Slye Fox says:

Friends, family and everyone else showed up to hear Joy, Janey and Intense do their thing. Joy started off her set with talented Flamenco guitarists, Dave Elrod and Mike Zieghan. Then moved to do the rest of her originals with her on the spot band of musical friends. Scott Dercks, Jason McLane, Bruce Krupnick and Bob Beahan performed a stand up job doing what they do best.

Then Intense showed their stuff with a couple of songs also sharing the stage with his brother and other special guests. After which Janey took the stage and sang her songs alone - with Joy - with Prophecy from Intense - with Fred - and with nearly everyone else joining in.

Great night of fun. Pics here.