New Goober-Logo in the works.

December 11th, 2005 - 12:41pm by Slye Fox

So the rabbit has an assignment and I get a new logo out of the deal. Sounds like a win-win to me. :)

On 12/10/05, the rabbit wrote:
I'm taking Multimedia at school and for an assignment they want us to create a logo for a small business or entrepreneur. So I thought I might do you with your little website gig. Even if you have a logo already, big deal, I don't expect you to use the one I'll make. But anyways the first step is having an interview with the person. So if you could answer these questions by before Monday (tomorrow would be best) that would be great. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a cool deal - a graphic logo would be cool - I'll definitely use it.

And goobertech is really a real business now. I registered for a tax ID number a week ago.

What does your company do?

Consult people or companies in the ways of the web, From site design and implementation to graphics and server maintainance.

What specific services do you provide?

Website design (graphics and/or coding). Site hosting - dedicated server to only goobertech clientel provides un-paralled bandwidth and uptime. Custom coding from html and css to php and MySql. Domain setup and registration. Email setup and hosting. Software consulting. Goobertech can provide as much or as little help as you need.

What type of company are you? (non-profit, corporation, entrepreneurship)


Who are your clientele?

Anyone with internet questions, from complex to simple. Individuals or companies.

What type of people do you work with or for?

Being a sole-proprietor, I work for myself. But there are lots of virtual assistants in the form of other online gurus and forums that have good advice.

Who are your competitors?

None really. Since this isn't my primary income, I'm not interested in large growth. The word of mouth advertising I get keeps me plenty busy. But there are a gazillion other companies that are trying to make a buck with these types of services.

What qualities and services does your company provide that other companies do not?

Personal service. I interact with my clients on a face to face basis. One on one. Regardless of the service desired, I make sure the client understands before moving on. The only worthwhile sites I've done are the ones where the owner actually uses them. That's what I consider a success. The policy is always K.I.S.S. The simpler the better. Always.

What do you do better than the other companies? What do you want to be identified and distinguished for when compared to these companies?

User-friendly - not dumbed down, but simplified to eliminate un-needed features that arent utilized. And local. People like working with someone they know personally. Or at least within meeting distance. And - creating sites that are multi-browser compatible, striving for validated css and xhtml code.

What are some of the key qualities that you would stress about your company?

I think I'm going to start sounding repetetive here, but local, easy to work with, unbeatable deal if I choose to work with you, and quality work and results. Other companies that do what I do, charge more than 10 times the price typically.

What message or messages do you want to send to your customers? Are there any slogans or saying you would like to create or continue to use?

The only saying or catch phrase is the name itself. Goobertech. It's silly so people remember it.

Do you have any preferences of color or design style?

See the current website. Bold primary colors, (yellow, #FFCC00 - red, #F60600 - white and black.) Also - very simple, I prefer logo graphics that can be vectorized. No photos or gradients or such.

What style of logo do you want? Do you want to be represented by your name, a symbol, abstract symbol, or associative logo?

Thus far, the logo is simply the name in "crackpot" font. It's what I've used on business cards and other graphics. So I'd like to keep that unless something totally kickass is thought of that's better. The addition of some sort of symbol would be cool. Either incorporated with the name or separate. Things I think are cool are monkeys, pirates, ninjas and of course crumpets.

Have fun. And thanks.

- R

So let's see what the rabbit comes up with. Should be pretty good, after all, he's responsible for the name "goobertech" as well in a way.