What a busy couple of weeks.

January 10th, 2006 - 12:10pm by Slye Fox

I'm not 'really' complaining, but man, these last couple of weeks have really been packed. Sleep? What's that? Between daytime work, all of Joy's gigs, starting and maintaining a number of new sites and machining components for the U on the weekends and off hours, I'm about ready to collapse.

It's not really that bad, a bit more money is coming in the door. But each morning I get up, it's harder and harder. I need one of those Sundays where I wake up at four in the afternoon. Wouldn't that be nice. We were supposed to relax in a couple of weeks by flying to Ireland for 10 days. B&B's with plenty of guiness sounded great to me, but the deal fell through, so no vacation for me. Instead, I've booked the Sea Villas up near Lutsen on the shore of Lake Superior for a weekend. This is the same place I went a couple of years ago. Right on the lake, hot tub, two story private condo, good friends to share it with -- should be a fine relaxing weekend. And I'll get to use that dang snowboard in the basement again. It's been a couple of years since that's seen the light of day, too.

So not too long to wait -- only another month of this insane schedule. It's reminiscent of those college days of balancing my time between books and consuming alcohol in various formats. And you need not tell me, this probably is part of the reason this damn virus in my nose keeps persisting. Damn thing. I think I've gone through a dozen boxes of kleenex and toilet paper rolls in the new year alone. If only one could turn snot into something lucrative -- I'd be rich.

In the background, though, things are boiling about and getting done. Everyone's websites are working their ways towards completion and being ported to drupal. New ones are being started. Drupal 4.7 is out and better than ever and I've begun exploring it's new possibilities. Work goes on during the day. The fridge stays stocked with beer. Parts are being machined and are out for plating. The dutiful Jeep continues to haul me around without complaint. Joy has found new venues for her voice. And my debt continues to shrink. Besides the above listed gripes, life continues in a manner that is certainly sustainable. And vacation looms on the horizon.

It's not all bad, I guess.

January 12, 2006 - 4:29am
Slye Fox says:

It's 3:00 am, what the hell am I doing awake?

Gots ta finish those parts, I guess. Delivery is due tomorrow, so here I am at 3 in the morning machining the last of those parts. Another two websites under the belt and further progress on the rest. So kids -- I'm off to home to try and remember what my bed is for until that damn little black noise-maker box tells me it's 8:00 already.

Until next time...