Big Trouble in Lower North East

February 8th, 2006 - 1:03pm by Slye Fox

I'm an eighties cliche geek having grown up in said era, so those old great movies like The Breakfast Club and Footloose still strike a chord of nostalgia with me. Who can forget Ferris Bueller or the Twix commercial with the English Beat soundtrack. I could go on forever here reminiscing about all of the great synth sounds and cheeky quirky films from 20 years ago.

Recently, I again watched Big Trouble in Little China. The flood of good ol' memories flows back home. Not many movies make me recall the "back in the day" events like this one. I was nine years old and remember renting it from the local video store (which were all part of a gas station back then). My buddies and I roared over the campy kung fu and tongue in cheek humor of self-proclaimed Jack Burton. "Indeed" it is a fine film. Magic China-men, floating eyeballs, the five Chinese Hells and the Six Demon Bag. What's Better! Not till years later, did I see Buckaroo Banzai and realize the similarities. Did you know that Big Trouble is more or less a sequel?

Anyway, I'm a sucker for old eighties memorabilia that I deem meets my cool factor. And what better example than the kick-ass a-frame sported by Jack in the movie. A little googling and I find my match. Recieved yesterday, I am know the proud owner of said t-shirt. Woohoo - clearly, you're all jealous. No worries. Just visit the Wing Kong Exchange and get one for yourself.