The state of Pierre's undress...

March 9th, 2006 - 1:13pm by Slye Fox

There is this statue of Pierre the Voyager in Two Harbors on the North Shore that I'm sure I've driven past many times before. But never had I noticed that he has no pants. (Indeed - his legs are painted the same pink color as the rest of his skin.) On our latest journey to Lutsen this last weekend, it was a nice bright sunny day and we all seemed to notice at once that Mister Pierre seemed quite happy having the breeze blowing under his shirt.

Of course this results in much mischief and photo opportunities. (See album.) As our investigative staff discovered, his entire crotch area is painted the same flesh tone and he seems to share the same gender as a Ken doll.

Now my mind wanders to the brilliant muffin film site where the wee french muffins have lost their own pants and so ensues the noire tragic film. So now I'm imagining Pierre saying things like, "Si seulement je pourrais trouver mon pantalon" or simply "Où est mon pantalon?" Babelfish that if you can't speak frenchy-pants.

Not quite willing to let this go yet, I contacted the Two Harbors Chamber of Commerce in hopes of uncovering the story behind Pierre's lack of pants. Alas - no luck...

Goobermaster writes:
I'm sure you've been asked this before, but I can't help myself. Why is it that the Pierre the Voyager statue has pink legs under that coat of his? I'm sure that it's not that anyone noticed the likeness to bare legs. Is there some unknown logic or a story behind this? Thanks.


The Chamber of Commerce responds:
Not that I am aware of.


I'm curious to find out what happened to his paddle, too.